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Invisible Cities

No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
25th Aug - 5th Sep, 2011

Inspired by their European relocation over the last 4 years & the great visual tales of Italo Calvino in 'Le citt√° invisibili', Pandarosa presents a new body of works ranging from drawings & paintings to photographic documentation & installation pieces.

The exhibit aims to transform the gallery space into a personal 'journey' of memoirs, where points of views are examined & meaning distorts between viewer, object & possessor as they interact.

The space separating these recollections & their narrative aims to interrogate the individual meaning of the 'journey' & reconfigure what the significance of such expeditions are to each of us, regardless of the destination.

'The City exists and it has a simple secret: it knows only departures, not returns' - From Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino