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– Future Proof, Desktop Dec/ Jan.
Desktop Mag, invited 6 designers to contribute a visual and written response on an issue of their choice, relating to the theme: 'The Future of Design.'


- Designtransfer gallery and publication, Rückblick, Germany
designtransfer a gallery and transfer agent of the Department of Design at the University of Arts in Berlin. As a communication platform between the university and public, we provide from current design work, lead by events on topics of design and are partners for external projects and competitions. The designtransfer publication is a documentation of events and exhibitions for the last four years.

- Nouvum, World of Graphic Design, 08/12, Germany
novum – World of Graphic Design is an international monthly publication (bilingual, in German/English)

- Australian Edge Interview.

- The Design Files Interview.

- Grafik 126, February 2005, London, UK. Studio Profile
Grafik was a specialist London-based bi-monthly magazine on graphic design and visual culture.


- “The curatorial design cleverly addresses an age-old concern about the labelling of artworks by discretely locating information on the floor, in neatly-printed white vinyl-cut lettering. Numbering systems and wall labels have become points of contention for galleries, curators, artists and audiences as each tries to counter the need for information with the potential impact of visual interference with the work. The design acuity extends to the entrance-ways of the double gallery space, with colourful geometrical shapes on glass walls subtly emphasising the perforation of the membrane between inside and outside. Bodies may not pass through these walls, but light most certainly will. The gallery becomes a filter, catching and refracting the ephemeral ideas that float free in the broader environment.”
– Kent Wilson (Stockroom gallery director)
The Submachine by Kent Wilson.

- “International art-duo Pandarosa explores the relationship of the image to the place in which is located, often resulting in work that is experienced, as much as simply seen. More or Less Concrete investigates ideas of belonging, of home and of nostalgia for places visited and once lived in. The state of flux in the lives of these artists is the fuel for their compositions of form and dispositions of space.”
– Kent Wilson (Stockroom gallery director)
Stockroom Q&A.

"They expanded their visual approach from graphics to exhibition, installation, animation, and interior based designs. Personally, I’m very surprised to see that graphic design can be applied in an interior that enhances the whole look and feel of that space."
– Catherine Chuang blogspot
May 18, 2011

‘For us, the spontaneity, rhythm and colour of your designs creates landscapes of individuality and offers the mundane wall, brochure or inanimate object life, blood and a heart - something we hope to instill in all our creations.’
- Its impossible to describe how we feel when others comment on our work in such a deep & poetic way.

"the work pandarosa did at the hotel fox in copenhagen, to me, is the perfect embodiment of the human imagination and its processes. just like the imagination, there is no trend as to where the design is leading. it's carefully constructed randomness. "
– Flickr: skmcg

"We've been planning this exhibition with the Australian duo since 2005 and they finally make it! The Pandas will show their Artworks in Hamburg for the first time. Ariel Aguilera & Andrea Benyi developed their very own perspectives of thinking, feeling and researching in their illustrations. They show the possibility of a tight coexistance between design and art."
– Jörg Heikhaus, Galerie Heliumcowboy Artspace
Pandarosa The worlds of two nocturnal pandas. HeliumCowboy/ ROJO